Interstitial Cystitis & Pelvic Floor Therapy

September is Interstitial Cystitis (“IC”) awareness month!

IC is also referred to as “Painful Bladder Syndrome” which is categorized by chronic bladder pain followed by urinary frequency, urgency, painful urination, and discomfort/irritation to the pelvic region as well. An “IC” diagnosis is provided after no other cause is determined such as a UTI, it also affects females more so than males.

The “AUA” or the American Urinary Association released a groundbreaking statement in May 2022, stating that pelvic floor therapy with a holistic approach is the only grade A evidence for interstitial cystitis. The guidelines for treating IC go on to explain other behavioral/non-pharmacologic treatments such as stress management, bladder health habits, education about normal bladder function, pelvic floor manual release techniques, and scar restriction work. All of these considerations outline our holistic approach to treating the pelvic floor, we call these “pelvic floor foundations.”

A large majority of our patients hold tension in their pelvic floor muscles with chronic conditions like interstitial cystitis. This is where our unique, internal pelvic floor release work comes into play. We also provide different exercises and stretches that help to retrain not only your pelvic floor muscles, but your nervous system as well.

We aim to treat the whole body and find the root cause of flare ups for our patients. As part of the treatment plan, we discuss and create a “flare busting plan” that helps patients feel successful for the long term fix, instead of only temporary relief.

Cheers to good health!


The Interstitial Cystitis Solution: A Holistic Plan for Healing Painful Symptoms, Resolving Bladder and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and Taking Back Your Life

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Written by Dr. Bria Stark
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