Urinary Leaking

Let’s talk leaking 💦

Did you know that LOTS of women experience urinate incontinence?

➡️ 1 in 4 women <25 years old
➡️ 1 in 2 of post menopausal women
➡️Even adolescents and collegiate athletes demonstrate leaking.

Another staggering statistic: 49% of gym going women experience leaking. This is especially with running and jumping activities.

This is a huge percentage of women. I often hear my patients say, “I had no idea there was treatment for this.” There is also a certain amount of embarrassment I find women have. They do not discuss their leaking with their family, friends, or even medical providers. There is no reason women should be embarrassed by this! You are not alone in your symptoms and there is caring help available here in the Triad!

💯It’s important for you to know common is NOT normal. There is help available.

✅Call a pelvic floor PT to chat about how we can help!

Urinary Leaking with Dr. Katie

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