Our physical therapists have specialized training to work with women during their cancer journeys. We treat pain and swelling related to breast and gynecologic cancers to help women to return to the activities they love.

Breast Cancer

We provide women with effective and compassionate care during and after their breast cancer treatments. We provide relief from shoulder and arm pain, lymphedema, cording, and cancer related fatigue.

Gynecologic Oncology

Our combined experience in pelvic floor and oncology allows us to help women with ovarian, uterine, vaginal, cervical, and vulvar cancers. We help provide long lasting relief from bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction in addition to pain and swelling in the pelvis that has occurred as a result of the cancer.

What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Katie is the best! Others just gave me instructions to wrap or exercise to manage my lymphedema. Dr. Katie explained to me what is happening in my body, and how to treat the whole person, not just my hand, arm & breast. I would recommend her highly to anyone suffering from lymphedema.”

A Mind-Body Approach

Women with cancer face many challenges throughout their journey. Patients can experience pain, swelling, fatigue, and the inability to participate in the activities they love. Unfortunately, many women don’t know where to turn or are told by their doctors that these symptoms are normal and there are no available treatments for them. This is simply not true. We not only offer effective treatments that allow women to take control of their health and return to the activities they love, but care for our patients as a whole person treating them as if they are family.

Education that Empowers

It is vital for a woman to have the education and tools she needs when first diagnosed with cancer in order to have the smoothest treatments and recovery possible. It is crucial to have proper risk reduction for lymphedema which begins at diagnosis. Many women experience sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, skin changes, and physical pain surrounding their treatments. We want to help reduce these as much as possible and put your mind at ease about your recovery.

Effective and Life Changing Treatments

Whether you were just diagnosed with cancer or have been a survivor for many years, let our trained staff help to improve your quality of life. Don’t let swelling or pain hold you back from work, family, and social activities anymore. We provide effective treatments for pain with intimacy, lymphedema, cording, pain, and cancer related fatigue. We want our patients to be on the road to lasting recovery as quickly and safely as possible.

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