We provide long lasting relief for women suffering from pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, bladder conditions, and pregnancy related pelvic floor issues.

What Others Are Saying

I wish I had known about pelvic floor therapy during my first pregnancy! Katie has helped me so much, even with problems I didn’t know I had and didn’t think there was a fix for.”

Relief from Pelvic Pain

Many women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction also have at least one symptom of low back pain, hip pain or tailbone pain. We can determine the underlying cause of your pain so you can get the long lasting relief you deserve. Dr. Katie is board certified in orthopedics and combined with her pelvic floor experience has helped many women to get long lasting relief from pelvic pain.

Compassionate Care Addressing Bowel and Bladder Conditions

Anyone who suffers from bowel or bladder conditions knows how debilitating they can be. Did you know that many of these conditions can be treated successfully with pelvic floor therapy? Let our experts guide you on the path to recovery from painful bladder symptoms, urinary incontinence, bowel conditions, and more.

Expert Care For Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

We provide comprehensive pelvic health to women in the Triad. In addition to the above conditions we are also able to treat sexual dysfunction, pelvic and core issues, menopause and hormonal related changes, endometriosis, and vaginismus.

Not seeing your specific condition? Call to see how we can get you relief!