Big Announcement Revealed

Good morning everyone!  Dr. Katie here with Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness. I am excited to say that today is the big day that I can finally announce that I am seeing patients inside of TinderBox Fitness here in Winston-Salem. It is a wonderful women’s fitness and wellness facility; I’ll be sharing some more information about later this week with the owner.

 I would love to take you guys on a little tour of my clinic space and where I’ll be helping my patients so let’s go! So we’re just coming in the door which again this is located off of Jonestown Road in Winston-Salem and this is again a facility that is geared towards women.  It’s about 6,000 square feet of amazing space with classes going on. Zumba and some other fun interactive classes! There’s a large room for our aerobics and some spin bikes and this is another area where women can exercise. I am using this space with my patients to do our movement and exercise portion.

 This is where I have a little table here for excited to share some information about I am giving Tinderbox Fitness members $50 off of your first visit with me, please reach out for more information about that. I have to treatment rooms that I’m going to be able to to work with my patients and have some privacy. This is a really exciting step for us. I have been treating patients the last two weeks in their homes and offices. It is a wonderful thing to be able to offer patients a central place to see me and to be able to have access to more equipment. 

If you or someone you know is having some limitation and their activities that they’re doing or struggling with something I’m reach out this is something that we definitely can can help with an address so I am excited to share the news and they’ll be more information to come about other services that that we are providing so I hope you guys all have a wonderful Monday a wonderful start to a new month and thank you all so much for your support and I am excited to see you all soon!

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